Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Slow Start

I'm off to a slow start taking action on my goals.  

I have spent half an hour the past two days exercising. Yoga and some other strength training exercises to get my body used to it. 

Since I wrote last I think I've only not been in bed by 10:00 once or twice, on days I didn't have to get up at six. Now the trick is developing a routine that helps me be asleep around 10:00 on those days I do have to be up at six. 

Green veggies at most lunches and/or dinners, at least one meal a day has been about 50% green vegetables. 

I need to develop a more accurate method of reporting. Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Challenge

I've joined my place of work's health challenge. The first task:

Take a few minutes and visualize yourself, 10 months from now. What will you look like? How will you have changed, inside and out?

Ok, so physically, I'd like to be slimmer. Mentally, I'd like to live up to my ideal of humanity. Blah, blah, fishcakes. I tend to set super high goals and of course am then discouraged at their loftiness. So, my first goal is to set manageable goals.

I could say I would like to lose so many pounds. But what I will say is I will make consistent exercise a part of my life.

I could say I would like to eat healthy all the time. But what I will say is I will increase my green vegetable consumption. I like them, why not eat them.

Also I will develop healthy sleeping habits. As an insomniac (or perhaps someone who's mind is too busy to sleep) I am tired almost all the time. I know that exercise and a better diet will help me sleep better and in turn that sleeping better I will be more inclined to exercise.

It takes eleven weeks to make some a habit, right? Or is it twelve? I'm determined. I owe this to myself.